These two photos show a 20' 36" TMR rolled steel feed bunk with the bunktop fenceline feed panel installed using 2 3/8" posts on the front side of the bunk. Feed panels can be mounted to posts by the customers or we can mount the panels to the bunk and make them ready to drop in place and use.
Rolled Steel Feed Bunks
  • 20' lengths up to 40'
  • 3 sizes available:
    • 26" x 11" Grain Feed Bunks - 10 gauge
    • 30" x 16" Silage Feed Bunks - 7 gauge or 10 gauge
    • 36" x 21" TMR Feed Bunks - 7gauge
You can drag, carry, weld to and adapt in many ways our feed bunks. Bunk ends are made to adjust for allowing water to drain fast and keep feed in. Cattle will not destroy these, the bunks are easy to move and our bunks won't crack.
Feed Bunk Feed Bunk
High capacity 42" bunks for fence line feeding
The rolled feet that we use on the Corbin Steel feed bunks help with flotation by spreading the weight over a larger surface than 8" pipe feed. Also, the rolled foot on the steel feed bunks makes them easy to hook up a chain and drag from pasture to pasture. Another plus to the rolled feet on the steel feed bunks is the extra welding that connects the feet to the bunk, making them more durable.
The Corbin Steel Rolled Steel Feed Bunks are the most versatile bunks available today These steel feed bunks can be easily set up with a Corbin Steel fenceline feeding system or with a pasture bar down the center (shown in the picture at the top) to use them for portable bunks between pastures. The silage feed bunks and TMR feed bunks are both set up to measure 24" from the top of the feed bunk to the ground to allow cattle of all sizes to reach them. The grain feed bunks are set up to measure about 20" from the top of the feed bunk to the ground.
The Corbin Steel Fenceline Feeding Systems are available in a few different variations:
  • 20' Fenceline Feed Panels
  • 20' Feed Bunk fenceline panels
The 20' fenceline feed panels to the left are used for a feed lane or bottomless feed bunk system. These fenceline feed panels are built to work just like the hay saving feeders to keep more feed in front of the cattle and less under their feet. The fenceline feed panels are 52" tall and can come standard like the fenceline feed panel pictured to the left or the bottom section can be sheeted for silage feeding.

The 20' feed bunk fenceline panels pictured to the bottom left use the hay saving feeder design, as well, but are built to fit in front of or directly onto the Corbin Steel Rolled Steel Feed Bunks or in front of your existing feed bunks.

The biggest advantage of the Corbin Steel Fenceline Feeding System is that they will serve as a fence for keeping cattle in and there is no adjusting for feeding different animal sizes.

The 20' fenceline feed panels and 20' feed bunk fenceline panels install just like continuous fence panels with a post every 10ft and connectors that join each fenceline feed panel to the next.